Stico DMAK-2-150/450 Dual Matched System

Stico DMAK-2-150/450 Dual Matched System
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  • Item #: Stico DMAK-2-150/450

Here is a Stico model DMAK-2-150/450. The Stico Dual Matched Systems(TM) allow two transceivers on different bands to be used with one mobile radio antenna! No relays, no switching. Operation is automatic. Either radio may be disconnected from the system without affecting the operation of the other. VHF 146-174 mHz is primary and UHF 440-470 mHz. is secondary. Complete with antenna tuner , cross band coupler and 2 each  RG8 jumper cables. New in OEM bags and cartons.

The optional Stico ST-DMAK-150/450 Broadcast Coupler is available seperately.

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