Motorola CISCO Alarm System UHF

Motorola CISCO Alarm System UHF
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Motorola CISCO Alarm System UHF. Consists of 6 Ea. Motorola P1290A UHF CISCO Alarm Transmitters, and 1 Ea. Motorola P1143 Console receiver. Specifications: P1290A Alarm only model, 403-430, 750 mW, PL, single frequency pocket size transmitter, with coded unitone alarm, alkaline batteries, flex wire antenna and belt clip. Currently on 407.675 mHz., PL 1A, and has a unitone page tone encoder reed installed. There is a jack for the optional PLN6299 remote actuation switch (Not included). When activated, the CISCO transmitter sends a unitone transmission, to the associated P1143 UHF Console receiver, and alerts the console operator. The P1143 UHF alarm receiver is housed in a B1560 A enclosure, and has up to 8 unitone capability. Visual and aural alerting is possible. Power required 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz. All are used, tested and working

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