Motorola C71RXB3106BTSP DVP Micor Low Band Repeater

  • Item #: C71RXB3106BTSP

Motorola C71RXB3106BTSP  A Special build Transparent Securenet Micor DVP Repeater. 100 watt C.D. 42-50 mHz. PL reeds and one set of channel elements. Filtered Unified Chassis.

This repeater will pass DES, DVP or any CFB 12 KBPS algorythm securely. No decryption takes place at the repeater site. No pesky eavesdroppers can hear your sensitive business information. All communications remain encrypted point to point!

It will pass clear unencrypted analog signals as well. 

Our Securenet Syntor X 9000 Low Band mobiles are the perfect companion!

SecureNet XL versions and Encode/ Decode stations are available as well. E-mail for details.

Tested and in very good working condition. 

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