Motorola SP Build VHF Securenet Base Station

Motorola SP Build VHF Securenet Base Station
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  • Item #: Q2800 Series

A Motorola SecureNet Special Build VHF Base Station.

From top to bottom:
QLN2750A Shielded heavy metal enclosure, contains all TX Channel Elements. Connects to Exciter 1 and Exciter 2.
TLD1694E 100 watt Continuous Duty PA RG IV 162-174 mHz.
QCN6118A Control Console/Head. The Red display will indicate by number which channel group frequency is selected. There are toggle switches for TX, TX Coded, Remote Disable, Receiver PL Disable, Transmit selection for Group1 or Group2 and rotory switches under the Red Display for Group 1 and Group 2 transmit selection. The QCN6118A PC board, behind the flip down panel is a QRN8351B.
SP exciter only chassis with interconnect board for a unified chassis. Hard wired to Unified chassis below. No CE's
TCN1301A SP01 Unified Chassis Securenet. Modified for connection by large telephone and Molex connections to the various station chassis's. Cards: Voice Protection, Code Detect, Code Processor, Clear Operation Alarm, TOT,Station Control, LDM 4 Wire. Back Plain QRN8444B.Receiver has 5 Channel Elements. Exciter has no Channel Elements
DVP Spectra Tac receiver RG IV 162-174 mHz. 6 channel elements. Cards DVP Audio Control, Coded Sq Module, Encode and Recovery and Voice Protection Module. Modified housing for DB25 connector for station harness, No power supply. Power is from Unified Chassis. A heavy duty T/R relay resides in the receiver's Power supply area.
TPN1110A High current Non- switcher power supply.

Used and in very good condition.

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