Racal Milgo Data Cryptor 64-1027

Racal Milgo Data Cryptor 64-1027
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Racal Milgo Data Cryptor model 64-1027. One of the DC 64 series. It uses the DES algorythm. It may be operated in Secure, Bypass or Standby modes. Has a tamper resistant housing. Pick-resistant security locks. Internal diagnostic testing; loopback test, DES-S box test, Checkword test, parity test, ROM/RAM test, Cipher text inhibit test, Cipher text monitor test, and memory tests. Provides alarm reporting, event logging and has a battery -backed memory. The Data Cryptor passes all diagnostic tests, and accepts keys from an external Racal Key Loader. (Key Loader is not included. Mint/ Very good condition. Export regulationa apply.

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