Racal Milgo 12-04A-2 Key Loader

Racal Milgo 12-04A-2 Key Loader
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  • Item #: Racal Milgo 12-04A-2

Racal Milgo 12-04A-2 Key Loader, for the Data Cryptor 64 series. A hand- held device used to enter, store transport and load keys. The user manually enters keys via the 20 button key pad. The keys are loaded into the front panel on the DC 64. The key loader can store up to 252 keys. Comes in the OEM Racal box. Appears new and unused. Still has protective LCD film in place. Note: the DC 64 Data Cryptor in photo, is not included with the key loader. Sold seperately. Export regulations apply. Call or e-mail for details.

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