Motorola P1579AX Digitac and CIU II

Motorola P1579AX Digitac and CIU II
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  • Item #: Motorola P1579AX
Motorola P1579AX. A heavy duty transit case containing an 8 channel Digitac comparator, and a full duplex Console Interface Unit, II. The Digitac has 2 each 4 channel input boards, 1 each kernal board, and 1 each peripheral board. There are no transmit control or transmit audio boards on this configuration. Up to eight DVP receivers may be input, via DB 15 connectors, on the rear of the transit case. The Digitac passes the BITE power up sequence, the test LED shows no error codes, and has been verified zero errors, via PC communication. The Digitac is connected internally to the CIU II. The CIU II has full duplex capability. It's output to the console, is via a 50 pair connector, also on the rear of the transit case. power is 115/230 VAC and 12 VDC. A 115 VAC cable is attached, and the 12 VDC cable is in the case lid. The Digitac and CIUII have been tested with analog and DES signals to a mating console. All tests are good. This is a fully functional system. Ships in its own transit case. Restricted US sales. Export regulations apply. E-mail for additional information and or photo's.
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Price $5,000.00