Motorola P1352AX DES Packset UHF

Motorola P1352AX DES Packset UHF
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Motorola P1352AX DES Packset, UHF 406-430 mHz. 10 watts RF power output, DES, PL, 48 frequency maximum. (A-D Zone channels 1-12. Complete with prom, on origional channels. Complete with D cell battery box, (D cells Not included), and palm microphone. Antenna unavailable here, not included.( After market models available elsewear) Some units have small chips in the Lexan housings. Not all prom data fields are available. Used, tested,in good working condition. New PROM's and Programming are available at an additional cost. A great high power SecureNet portable or temporary base station! Amateur, Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue teams. Us sales only, export regulations apply.

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