Motorola H43AXU1140BN VHF MX360 RGI System #2A

Motorola H43AXU1140BN VHF MX360 RGI System #2A
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  • Item #: Motorola H43AXU RGI System #2A

Motorola MX360 H43AXU1140BN VHF 6 Watt, RG-I 136-150.8 mHz. DES , CSQ, 4 channel, one installed. (System #2A) 3 Each MX360,high power VHF DES Securenet portable radio with battery and antenna. Complete with 1 set of channel elements on the same simplex single channel 150.555 mHz., and 14 hour charger. Note: A T3020AX DES Key Loader is required for secure communications key loading, and is available seperately.

Great comsec for preppers and your compound security.

All are used and in very good condition. See terms and conditions clause A.

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