Motorola UHF 440-470 mHz. DVP/XL Portable Repeater and Sabers

Motorola UHF 440-470 mHz. DVP/XL Portable Repeater and Sabers
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  • Item #: Moto UHF RG II PRI Saber System

Motorola UHF 440-470 mHz. Securenet DVP/XL Portable Repeater I, Saber I and KVL package. The package includes; 1 Ea. P44SXS3180B P.R. I, 440-470 mHz., 8 frequency capability, 6 sets of channel elements, PL filters for encode/ decode, DVP/XL hybrid, Hi/Low power select, repeat on/off select, Multi code1/2 select/ PL on/off select, speaker microphone, UHF mag mount antenna, internal battery, AC and DC power cords. 6 Ea. H44QXN7139CN Saber I 440-470 mHz., 12 frequency, DVP/XL, short heliflex antenna, new batteries, and a 6 slot rapid charger. 1 Ea. T3014CX DVP/XL Key Variable Loader, new nicad and 1 hour rapid charger. 1 Ea. KVL cable Saber and 1 Ea. KVL cable PR I. Note:120 and 220 VAC model chargers are available. please specify your needs. The PR I and Saber I's are factory 440-470 mHz. range, and are programmed on frequency as a system. All items except batteries are used and good working condition. Batteries are new as of August 2010. Export regulations may apply.


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