Eberline PAC-1SA Scintillation Alpha Counter

Eberline PAC-1SA Scintillation Alpha Counter
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  • Item #: Eberline PAC-1SA
Eberline PAC-1SA Scintillation Alpha Counter. Manufactured by Eberline Instrument Corporation. The PAC-1SA is a portable battery operated alpha detecting and measuring device. The detecting element is a scintillation type probe with 59 square centimeters active area. The instrument presents a reading in Counts Per Minute. Four reading scales are used:0 to 2000, 0 to 20,000, 0 to 200,000 and 0 to 2,000,000 CPM. The PAC-1SA was tested some time ago with a lab PU239 source. It reacted to same. All have been in storage for some time. They are used and in good condition. Complete with D cells.
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