Eberline PRM-5-3 Pulse Rate Meter 6625010091212

Eberline PRM-5-3 Pulse Rate Meter 6625010091212
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  • Item #: Eberline PRM-5-3
Eberline PRM-5-3 Pulse Rate Meter. Manufactured by Eberline Instument Corporation. NSN 6625-01-009-1212 The PRM-5-3 is a portable battery operated pulse rate meter. This model has 3 each high voltage adjust potentiometers. The instrument may be used with a wide variety of scintillation or proportional detectors to detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. Count rate is by Lin Log (TM) meter reading. Full scale readings for the four decades are 500, 5K, 50K, and 500K CPM. Complete with Alpha Scintillation Probe and 5 D cells. The PRM-5-3 is used and in good condition. Tested with an older Coleman lantern mantle. It reacts to the source.
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