Motorola Syntor X HHCH Dual Radio Accessories

Motorola Syntor X HHCH Dual Radio Accessories
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  • Item #: Motorola W828AMSP

A complete set of Motorola VHF/UHF Syntor X Hand Held Control Head HHCH Dual Radio Accessories. Two Dual code Securenet Syntor X mobile radios can be controlled by one HHCH. Accessories included: 2 Ea. Syntor X to S.I.U. cables. 1 Ea. System Interface Unit. 1 each S.I.U to control box cable. 1 Ea. Control Box (secondary radio volume control, Securenet Code 1/ Code2 switch, UHF On/Off switch and VHF On/Off switch.) 2 Ea. S.I.U to security housing cables. 2 Ea. Dual Code security Housings with Medco keys. 1 Ea. S.I.U. to HHCH jack cable. 1 Ea. HHCH with Up/Down channel select switch, Pvt/Std switch, UHF/Off/VHF switch, Volume control, monitor button and PTT switch. 2 Ea. Speakers.
All are used tested and in good serviceable condition. No transceivers are included.

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