Motorola C73RXB3126B VHF 136-150.8 mHz. DVP Micor Repeater

Motorola C73RXB3126B VHF 136-150.8 mHz. DVP Micor Repeater
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  • Item #: Motorola C73RXB3126B 2 meter

Here is a Motorola model C73RXB3126B VHF 136-150.8 DVP E/D Micor Securenet Repeater Station. It is a 100 watt continuous duty, PL, tone remote, TCN1281A Full Filter unified chassis, with: Line Driver Module, Station Control Module, TOT, F1-PL Module, Guard Tone Decoder Module, Squelch Gate Module, DVP Control Module, Code Processor Module, Code Detector Module, and Voice Protection Module with 1 each DES Hybrid.

TLD1692D 100 watt C.D. PA 136-150.8 mHz.

TLD5802B Exciter 136-150.8 mHz. TX CE on 149.100 MHz.

TLD5782AV Receiver 142-150.8 mHz. RX CE on  150.075 MHz.

TPN1110A Heavy Duty power supply.

Mint condition. Used, tested and in good working condition. Transmitter produced 108.3 watts and the receiver opens squelch at .098 uV.

Would make a great Micor 2 meter repeater! US sales only. Export regulations apply. E-mail, for details. Ships via motor freight, at an additional cost..


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