Motorola P1341AX DES Packset WHCA Engraved VHF 136-150.8 MHz

Motorola P1341AX DES Packset WHCA Engraved VHF 136-150.8 MHz
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  • Item #: Motorola P1341AX 136-150.8 #2

Here is a Motorola P1341AX DES Packset, VHF 136-150.8 MHz., 10 watts RF power output, DES, 3A PL, with a 48 frequency maximum. (Channels 1-12 and Zones A-D). Complete with C version EEPROM, on 149.450 MHz simplex, hand set and whip antenna.  All modules are the correct ones for 136-150,8 MHz operation. Transmit on 149.450 MHz produces 12.5 watts of RF power. The receiver 20 dB quiets at .215 uV / -120.4 dBM! It has the receiver pre amp module in place.

The purchacer is offered a one time programming of the resident PX300-S EEPROM, up to 48 channels, in the 2 meter band at no additional cost! The PX300-S will be sent to you programmed and tuned for proper operation.

The PX300-S is Used, tested and in good working condition. Some units have small chips in the Lexan housings.

A great high power 2 meter portable or temporary base station!  US sales only, export regulations apply.

All have WHCA logo and inventory numbers engraved.


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