Motorola P1755A Portable Base Station, Astro Saber, UHF

Motorola P1755A Portable Base Station, Astro Saber, UHF
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  • Item #: Motorola P1755A

Here is a Motorola model P1755A Portable Base Station. It is designed to be used with the ASTRO Saber and / or Analog Saber. 

The users Astro Saber is placed into the provided ASTRO AVA and then it may be controlled as a Portable Base Station. The ASTRO AVA provides volume control, Channel Busy Indication, RAT / Option Buttons, Battery Charging indication and Battery Charge complete LEDS. The AVA controls are back lit as well.

The P1755A panel controls are: Power  on / off, 30 watt R.F. Power Amplifier On / Off and 115 / 230 VAC selection.  Connectors are supplied for a recording device, headset, RF output to the external antenna and the AC  or DC external power cords.

Accessories included: Full sized Palm Microphone, a 3 prong U.S.A. 115 VAC power cord, A 13.8 volt D.C. Power Cord with a vehicular cigarette lighter plug, Magnetic Mount and UHF 450-470 MHz 3 dB Gain antenna. There is also an amplified speaker built in.

Internally, there is the 115 / 230 VAC power supply and the UHF 450-470 MHz, 30 watt R.F. Power Amplifier.

The lid area has a storage pouch for the power cords and Mag mount accessories.

All enclose in a Zero Halliburton black metal carry case, with combination lock.

As tested on GMRS ref 467.550 Mhz.: By pass mode 2.43 watts RF output. RF amp on 31.9 watts RF output.

This item is tested, working and is in very good condition.

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