Motorola T74TXA3200BK UHF Syntor 406-430

Motorola T74TXA3200BK UHF Syntor 406-430
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  • Item #: Motorola T74TXA3200BK UHF Syntor

Motorola T74TXA3200BK UHF Syntor. 406-430 mHz.,100 watt DES SecureNet, Hand Held Control head, 8 frequency. Securenet high security housing, interface box, radio cables, speaker, and receiver preamp. OEM prom on 413/418 MHz, PL chip 3Z. Tunes up to the 420-430 mhz amateur band! Great for concealed radio operation, in the city. Proms ,programming and retuning additional. The Securenet hybrid may be removed, for amateur radio requirements.The Syntor and accessories are in good working condition. US Sales only. Export regulations apply. SOLD OUT

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