Motorola A03XKC2468C Director II 148-159.99 Mhz

Motorola A03XKC2468C Director II 148-159.99 Mhz
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  • Item #: Motorola A03XKC2468AC RG III
Motorola A03XKC2468C VHF Director II Tone and voice pager, in a Shadow Bronze case. Contains the NRD7193A 148-159.99 mHz. receiver board. Complete with one each crystal on 149.100 mHz, and two each Permacode filters. Includes a nicad battery. The housing integrity and back clip are in good condition. The reset button is supple and not gummy. There are minor scuffs on the case. The Earphone jack dust boot strap is cracked. (See photo's) The Director II is used, tested and working. The Motorola Ditector II would make a great alert pager for Fire and EMS. Tune the receiver down for Two meter RACES, ARES and WARN systems!
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