Sinclair Q202G VHF Duplexer 5985006018914

Sinclair Q202G VHF Duplexer 5985006018914
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  • Item #: Sinclair Q202G

Sinclair Q202G AKA Q-202G VHF Duplexer, 148-174 MHz. A four cavity duplexer with open dialectric stubs. Used in VHF close frequency spacing repeater systems. Complete with enclosed metal cabinet.

Specs: IL- TX 1.5 dB RX 1.5 dB; Isolation- TX noise at RX frequency 80 dB, TX frequency at Rx terminal 80 dB; Minimum isolation between TX and RX frequencies 50 dB; Minimum seperation 500 kHz.; rated at 350 watts max. NSN 5985006018914 Diplexer.

Used tested and working.

Will tune to the lower ranges with the correct harness. Buyer to receive harness length information for the needed range.

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