Motorola C73KSB3105BT MSR2000 VHF Repeater C269

Motorola C73KSB3105BT MSR2000 VHF Repeater C269
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  • Item #: Motorola C73KSB3105BT

A Motorola C73KSB3105BT MSR2000 VHF 100 watt continuous duty repeater. With C269 Spectra Tac voting receiver option. TRD6302APR 146-174 mHz. receiver. TLD9242CPR 146-174 mHz. Exciter. TLD2603A 162-174 mHz. Continuous Duty PA. TRN5083ABPR Full Duplex back plain/ card cage with: Spectra Tac Encoder Module; F1PL Module; Time Out Timer Module; DC transfer Module; Station Control Module;Line Driver Module;R1 Audio Module, PL Module. Complete with the MSR2000 Test set, containing meter, speaker and cable.

Used tested and working.

Note: Complete TLD2602A 150.8-162 mHz 100 watt C.D PA's and 132-150.8 mHz. PA boards are available for substitution. Call or e-mail for details and availability. 


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