ASP ASC-191 Bumper Mount for Whip Antenna

ASP ASC-191 Bumper Mount for Whip Antenna
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  • Item #: ASC-191

The Antenna Specialists Company model ASC191. A Bumper Mount, Double Chain with 3/8-24" female thread. The ASC-191 is an antenna accessory to be mounted on a truck or automobile bumper.  A user supplied whip antenna and spring, may be threaded into the ASC-191 for HF, Low Band or Mid Band radio communication. Requires a user suppied coax cable to your radio.

ASC-191 Heavy Duty Bumper mount hardware only. Whip antenna, Spring, Coax Cable and Connector are not included. 

They are no longer made and hard to find! 

All are new in OEM bubble packs. All have been in long storage.


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