Motorola C44CXB7106BT MSF10000 435-475 mHz.12.5 / 25 khz spacing

  • Item #: C44CXB7106BT

Motorola C44CXB7106BT MSF10000 435-475 mHz 12.5 / 25 khz channel spacing 40 watt power output. Includes internal TX/RX duplexer. Currently programmed on 448.5875 and 443.5875 mHz., 12.5 kHz narrow band analog operation. Power required 120/220 VAC 50/60 Hz.

This Motorola C44CXB7106BT MSF10000 will satisfy the F.C.C. mandated narrow band operational requirement.

Lightly used, it is tested and working. Ships via motor freight.

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