Motorola N1274A RF PA 136-150.8 mHz.

Motorola N1274A RF PA 136-150.8 mHz.
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  • Item #: Motorola N1274A 136-150.8

Here are some Motorola model N1274A  RF Power Amplifiers. They are factory built for VHF 136-150.8 MHz. require 5 watts drive and provides 40 watts output.

All of the amplifiers are tested and working. Each providing plenty of clean RF power output in excess of the conservative factory ratings.The RF PA featured in the photo's produced 63.09 watts of clean RF output with 4.26 watts drive, reference 146.520 Mhz.

Amplifies your HT's power output on 2 meters and increases your range. Commercial grade RF Power Amplifier.

Great for EMComm!

Includes power cord and Cinch Jones style 4 contact plug. All are used, tested and working.

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