Motorola C73RCB3106BT Micor 142-150.8 mHz. 2 Meter Repeater

  • Item #: Motorola C73RCB3106BT 142- 150.8

Motorola C73RCB3106BT Micor 142-150.8 mHz. 100 watt Continuous Duty 2 Meter Repeater.

The repeater is of unified chassis construction and includes:

The massive TLD1692D 100 watt  136-150.8 mHz. Continuous Duty RF PA.

  Direct FM Exciter 136-150.8 mHz., TLD8272A Receiver 142-150.8 mHz., 1 set of 149 mhz channel elements, PL encode and decode boards with OEM reeds. Station Control Module, TOT and Squelch Gate, and the TPN1110A power supply.

All contained in a 42 inch Micor cabinet with locking doors and 1 ea. key.

Tested and fully functional.

Duplexer is not included. Available seperately.

Ships via motor freight.

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