GE MASTR Progress Line Base 6 Meters

GE MASTR Progress Line Base 6 Meters
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  • Item #: FM64LCS22

Here is a GE FM64LCS22 33-42 mHz base station, 50 watt, 2 channel. CSQ, converted to 6 meters. It has one set of ICM rocks for 52.525 MHz. Palm microphone is included.

Receiver: 4ER46A15 33-42. Front end caps changed for 6 meters.

Exciter: 4EG21B12 Rev A modified for 6 meters. 

PA 4EP32B No Rev 36-42 modified for 6 meters. 

Receiver sensitivity: .334 uV for 20 dbQ @ 52.525. (Factory calls for .350  uV)

Transmitter: 49-50 watts. Deviation is good and clean.

Power supply voltages are good.

There is a slight variation in power output as seen on a spectrum analyzer. The signal is clean.

This base has served well for many years. Great collectors piece yet fun to operate.

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