Motorola T73VBJ7D04AK 110 Watts on 2 Meters

Motorola T73VBJ7D04AK 110 Watts on 2 Meters
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  • Item #: Motorola T73VBJ7D04AK 2M

Here is a Motorola T73VBJ7D04AK VHF 100 watt, 32 mode capable mobile radio. It has the EEPROM and has been programmed for 16 modes on 2 meter ham frequencies.

This model has been set up to utilize your ACM and MSSD System 90 control head and cable. Zone A is an assortment of repeater modes and Zone B is set up for simplex modes.

The receiver has been optimized for reception below 148 Mhz.

As tested @ 146.490 Mhz TX produces 102.1 Watts of spectrally clean power. The receiver has 20 DB quieting at .322 uV./ -116.7 dbm

Now here is some muscle for 146.52!

Transceiver only. Accessories are not included

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Price $75.00