Motorola P1341AX DES Packset WHCA Engraved VHF 136-150.8 MHz

Motorola P1341AX DES Packset WHCA Engraved VHF 136-150.8 MHz
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  • Item #: Motorola P1341AX 136-150.8 MHz

Here is a Motorola P1341AX DES Packset, VHF 136-150.8 MHz., 10 watts RF power output, DES, 3A PL, with a 48 frequency maximum. (Channels 1-12 and Zones A-D). Complete with C version EEPROM, on 146.520 simplex, hand set, whip antenna, multivoltage sleeve charger and nicad battery in the battery box. All modules are the correct ones for 136-150,8 MHz operation. Transmit on 146.52 produces 12.9 watts of RF power. The receiver 20 dB quiets at .215 uV / -120.4 dBM! It has the receiver pre amp module in place.

The purchacer is offered a one time programming of the resident PX300-S EEPROM, up to 48 channels, in the 2 meter band at no additional cost! The PX300-S will be sent to you programmed and tuned for proper operation.

The PX300-S and sleeve charger are Used, tested and are in good working condition. Some units have small chips in the Lexan housings.

The nicad is the original and charges to less than the factory value. It will be offered as is. We have had success with battery supply houses rebuilding them. A user supplied AC and or DC power cord is required and they are not included with this offering. 

A great high power 2 meter portable or temporary base station!  Us sales only, export regulations apply.

All have WHCA logo and inventory numbers engraved.


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