Laerdal HeartStart 3000 QR Monitor Defibrillator

Laerdal HeartStart 3000 QR Monitor Defibrillator
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  • Item #: Laerdal 9240054

Here is a HeartStart 3000 QR Monitor Defibrillator, Part Number 920054, manufactured by Laerdal Medical Corporation. It is a patient cardiac monitor defibrillator for EMS field use. Complete with Heart Start Medical Control Module Plus (TM) Semi Automatic, Cat No: 92 01 00.

The device passes built in BITE  self tests and  shows only "needs service clock" error. The ECG sweep at the top is active and moves left to right. The display is clean and readable.

There is minor exterior wear and a scuff to the lower display plastic. The internal 12 volt 2.1 amp Lead acid battery is old and was not used for power applied testing. A bench test supply was used for all tests. Please see photo's.

Patient leads are not available with this device.

Buyer will assume and accept full responsibility for the safe use, display and disposal of this HeartStart 3000 QR Monitor Defibrillator and will abide by any FDA or other US government regulations, in purchasing this item and will hold Mechem Electronics harmless.


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