MX Super Sky Probe Antenna VHF New

MX Super Sky Probe Antenna VHF New
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Here are some Modublox & Co.  MX Super Sky Probe Antenna's. Model SSP58F-3C , Telescopic, modified 5/8 wave antenna. Length: closed 7.7"/196mm, extended length 38"/965mm, VHF tunable 120-175 MHz, Band width 4 MHz, 10 watts max power. Gain +3db over a tuned dipole and +10 dB over a rubber duck. It is used on the Motorola VHF MX300-R, MX300-S and MX300 series transceivers. Provides extended range for Securenet portables. Center frequency is at 140 MHz

The MX Super Sky Probe may fit other portables with like antenna mounting threads.

Condition is New Old Stock.

Note: The MX in photo's, is not included with the sale.

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