Motorola D80ASA1X41AK Micom-1 HF-SSB RDP

Motorola D80ASA1X41AK Micom-1 HF-SSB RDP
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  • Item #: Motorola Micom-1 HF-SSB RDP

Motorola Micom-1 HF-SSB Rapid Deployment Package. Model D80ASA1X41AK. The Micom-1 RDP, is a suit case sized HF transceiver, with a dual coversion receiver. Frequency coverage: Transmitter 2-30 mHz., Receiver 100 kHz. - 30 mHz. Power output 125 watts PEP and average. Frequency resolution 10 Hz., 126 channel, simplex or half duplex, Scanning 4 groups of 10 channels, with a guard channel and priority channel, Frequency stability +/- 0.1 ppm, -30 deg C to +60 deg C, Frequency aging 1ppm/year, Synthesizer lock time 8 msec max, TX/RX switching time 10 msec.,RF impeadance 50 ohms, operating voltage 11-16 VDC negative ground, 85-132/170-265 VAC, 47-440 Hz. Controls: Proc; voice processor boosts output by 3dB.,Mon; used with ALE option, SQ; constant SINAD voice activated squelch, Clar; Clarifier, LSB; switches to Lower Side Band, Scroll, Enter and Home, used for programming parameters, Lock; key lock out of programming controls, Link; used with ALE option, Chan; channel selection, Dim, dims display, Scan; enables one of four scan banks, Guard; enables guard channel, Notch, enables tuneable notch filter, Power; displays/ selects power output level-25W, 62W or 125W, Mode; selects SSB, SSB with pilot and AM equivalent, Test; internal BITE testing, Call; used with ALE option, Freq; displays current frequency, PRI; priority channel activation, Microphone, Headphone and CW key jacks. The Micom-1 HF-SSB RDP, is complete with :microphone, DC and AC power cords, Auto switching AC Power Supply option, and the Tape Dipole Antenna option. The unit does NOT have the ALE, ARQ/RTTY or 1 KW options installed. There are a few minor scuffs on the outside of the case. The Micom-1 HF-SSB RDP has been tested on the bench and on the air. It meets OEM specifications, and reception reports were very good. It is in like new working condition.



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