Federal Signal Corporation Siracom II PA2100

Federal Signal Corporation Siracom II PA2100
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Here is a Federal Signal Corporation Siracom II PA2100. It is a combination Siren, PA and Light Bar Control console. The Siren module provides a choice of radio rebroadcast, PA, manual siren control, Wail, Yelp and Hi-Lo. There is also a gain control for the PA. The Control Module provides a Master four position rotory switch, for 12 VDC load control. There are 4 blank switch slot covers. We have the Factory Federal Signal switches in stock, available seperately.

The Siren Amplifier is used, tested and working. The siren output is 34.2  VAC in to an 11 Ohm test load. Thats 106.33 watts of siren power output! All in Ref. of 14 VDC and 6.0 Amps current draw.

No microphone or bracket is available.

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