Motorola R2024D/HS

Motorola R2024D/HS
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Here is a Motorola R2024D/HS Secure Net Communication System Analyzer. It is in very good working condition. Features are: Securenet multi Key option, is installed. It will test DES, and DES/XL. ( The four algorythms are DES, DES #2, DES#3 and DES/XL.) It will encrypt and decrypt Securenet, on the air or through wire lines. Tests Secure deviation, eye pattern for jitter, simplex and full duplex bit error rates, end of message generation, encrypted 1 KC test tone. Any SecureNet Base/ repeater, mobile, portable, Console Interface Unit, Digitac, Securenet SpectraTac, and DVP modems can be thoroughly tested. Hybrids for the listed algorythms,are included. High stability oscillator option installed. IEEE488 option included. General test specifications: Frequency range 1-999 mHz resolution 100 Hz., Auto Rangeing frequency error +/- 10 Hz., Input sensitivity 1.5 uV., Deviation measurements1, 10, 100 kHz. full scale +/- 5%, AM Modulation 0-100% +/- 5%, SSB and DSB transmit and receive, RF watt meter 1-125 watts, Spectrum Analyzer 1mHz.-1gHz., 100 kHz. to 1 mHz. variable, Duplex generator 0-10 mHz. variable and 45 mHz. fixed @ .002% frequency accuracy, Oscilloscope DC - 5 mHz., 10 mV, 100mV, 1v, and 10v per division, frequency counter 10Hz.-30 mHz.. Signalling includes, 1 kHz. fixed tone, Tone remote encode/decode, PL and DPL encode/ decode, 5/6 tone,DTMF encode/ decode, select V, mobile telephone IMTS, MTS 2805 encode, 5Hz. -9,999.9 Hz output encode to 3 volts, and 50 Hz. -9999.9 Hz decode . The R2024D/HS can be powered by 13.8 VDC, 100-130 and 200-260 VAC, 47-63 and 400 Hz. Complete with Lid and 120 VAC power cord. This is a working System Analyzer. It has been in service at our facility. Please note some paint scuffs on the speaker side of the unit. (See photo)The scuffs do not impair operation. The unit pictured, is the one for sale. Export regulations apply.


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