Motorola H43AXU1140BN VHF MX360 RGI System #2

Motorola H43AXU1140BN VHF MX360 RGI System #2
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  • Item #: Motorola H43AXU RGI System #2

Motorola MX360 H43AXU1140BN VHF 6 Watt, RG-I 136-150.8 mHz. DES , CSQ, 4 channel capable, one channel installed. (System #2) A group of 6 each high power VHF DES Securenet portable radio,s with new batteries and new antenna's. Complete with 1 set of channel elements on the same simplex single channel 150.555 mHz., and a six slot 1 hour rack charger. Should you prefer individual MX chargers, we can delete the rack charger and add 6 each 14 hour chargers at no additional product cost! (Shipping costs will increase.) A T3020AX DES Key Loader, new nicad, MX to KVL cable and a 1 hour rapid charger are included! A complete simplex DES secure portable radio system.

Great comsec for preppers and your compound security.

All are used and in very good condition. See Terms and conditions clause A.

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