Eberline PAC-4S Scintillator Aplha 6630-01-110-9369

Eberline PAC-4S Scintillator Aplha 6630-01-110-9369
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  • Item #: Eberline PAC-4S
Eberline PAC-4S Scintillator Aplha Counter. Manufactured by Eberline Instrument Corporation. The Pac-4S is a portable, battery operated instrument used for the detection and measurement of Alpha radiation. It has a Scintillation detector, and the count rate is read out by the Eberline LIN-LOG (TM) Presentation. No scale switching is required. Full scale reading for the four decades are 2K, 20K, 200K and 2Meg Counts Per Minute. NSN 6630011109369 Counter Scintillation. All were tested some time ago, with a lab PU239 source, and react to same. Items have been in storage, are used and in good condition. Complete with D cells.
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